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Dear member,

A few quite significant updates for you. 
We ask that you take the time to read the attached information and reply to us by 25th February with your response. 

The upgrade of the pontoon
The upgrade funded by Transport Scotland (70% /TBA 20%/10% contingency) is now well underway.    Unfortunately, we discovered on removing the gangway bridge for inspection that it is beyond repair, and we need to replace it.  We have ordered a new section from Gael force.  We have re-entered discussions with Transport Scotland to request additional financial assistance with this.   The Gangway section is will not arrive until the end of March meaning that the connection to the floating pontoon will not be completed until the start of April. 

Development Guidelines
We have developed a Development Guidance Document to help the Committee to make decisions about the ongoing management of the TBA which will allow for full input from members. 
Our thanks to Tom Hassler for suggesting this format and helping us put it together.
Please find attached a development document which we will issue and review on an annual basis prior to the AGM, when it will be reviewed and agreed.   


This is very much working document for discussion and further development. 

Current Opportunities
Importantly this document contains information about current opportunities that we need to make some decisions on before the next AGM.
We find ourselves with 2 options to consider:

Option 1
We have been successful in getting through to the 2nd Stage of the application process for the Crown Estates Boat Based Tourism Fund.  This allows us to apply for an investment of in the region of £350,000 to make improvements to our facilities. 
This would allow us to complete all of the options (1,2 and 3) included in the Development Document.  (See pages 9 – 15)
Currently the Committee’s view is that progressing to the next stage of the Boat Based Tourism Fund poses lots of issues.  It will involve a very significant amount of work for the existing Committee Members, when just the day to day management of the Association continues to require our time. 

  • It is a very large project to manage, and we are a voluntary committee.

  • We have lots of discussion in our committee meetings about maintaining the balance between the integrity of the Bay, and why it is so unique, and moving towards something more that may loose some of the small, informal nature of what we have.

  • There are issues to be addressed around increased maintenance costs of larger facilities going forward

  • We would need to sell the land that we own to the Crown Estate to allow us to access the investment money.

On the other hand, the plans we are putting forward certainly do not move us anywhere near a marina, and focus on improving what we have and looking to addressing a future increase in use, and the opportunity to develop sustainable facilities going forward that support the move towards Greener Marine Tourism. 

Option 2
We are currently progressing the upgrade to the pontoon (see phase 1 in the document).    We have planned out what other essential maintenance will be required in the next 3 years.  See option 4, page 15 in the document.
We can complete this essential maintenance based on the current membership fees over the next 3 years.  This is based on no surprises or other factors out with our control i.e., cost of material, storm damage etc.  (NB, we aim to maintain approx. £20k in the account as a contingency.) 
The Committee would continue to identify smaller grant options to progress any additional upgrade works based on the membership being happy with the ideas put forward in the development plan.  These could be included on an annual basis and completed as smaller individual projects based on our success in securing funding and the time capacity of the Committee at the time.   
We would like to undertake a vote by return email by the 25th February:

  • If you would like the TBA to progress with option 1 we will hold a meeth will invite both membership and the wider village/stakeholder

  • If you vote for option 2 we will withdraw from the Boat Based Tourism Fund, update the development plan, issue it to members and finalise it at the AGM in September/October.

Please title your return email with Option 1 or Option 2.

Many thanks for your time.  I am sure that you can appreciate that we are having to dedicate a lot of our time to pulling together information and completing the application process, as well as some of us physically upgrading the pontoon. 

Your quick responses to help to guide us are very much appreciated.
The TBA Ltd Committee

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