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2019 AGM Minutes

   1. Welcome and apologies (Hans)

Hans welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending the 2019 AGM of the TBA.  

Apologies had been received from: Helen Zeally, Charles Curtis, Billy Steel, Andrew Manson, Jim Hume, Mike Bramall, Kirsten McDonald, Fergie Anderson, Russel Anderson, John Roberts, Grant Lees, Robert Strickland, Graham Davidson, Colvin Osborne, Willie Fergusson, Bill Anderson, Robert Fletcher, Malcolm Crawford, Hugh Semple, Peter Bates, Ruaridh MacCallum.


   2. Minutes from previous AGM 2018.


The minutes of the AGM held on 28/08/2018 were approved (John MacArthur/Brian Masson)


   3.Maters Arising (Hans)

‘After a couple of years or so of talking about it we finally made it to Jura. We went along with the Hall committee and it was an interesting day out catered for by the Jura development Trust and our transport covered by Venture West.  Kathryn will speak to you later about the outcome of this meeting.

You will have noticed the new information sign at the top of the post office jetty which we hope brings a relaxed and welcoming feel to visitors.  There have been a lot of mostly appreciative comments about this but not all. I will quote my two favourite. First favourite.  “What’s that about? That sign doesn`t tell you anything” and second favourite “That sign is brilliant, It tells you everything you need to know”.   So maybe you want to draw your own conclusions from that. A special thank you to Tayvallich Primary School and Emma Wilson who co-ordinated the school kids to provide the artwork.

Other matters arising are covered in the Chairman’s introduction but please let us know in the AOB section if there is anything you think we have missed.


   4. Chairmans introduction


Firstly, I`d like to thank all the Committee Members for their input this year.

Our newest member Donald is set well for this committee with his popular, respected and endeared local status, not to mention his historical ginger appearance; He has a likeable, enthusiastic and valued contribution which he presents in a bountiful and often extended format.

Ruaridh has had a well-earned easier year after last year’s many hours of establishing the website to a simple and easily useable format. This coupled with his new vocation as a delivery van driver has helped maintain his fair complexion and therefore retains his potential for prettiest committee member. 

Treasurer Danny deals with organising the accounts, banking, computing and I.T. with apparently effortless ease and understanding. He is a highly valued member of the committee as well as being particularly accomplished at being late for absolutely everything.

Grant having spent most of the year as Pontoon Manager at Ardfern Yacht Centre has also had a change of vocation. He is now residing in Glasgow and as well as eventually managing to grow a proper beard is now back at school training to be something really clever to do with boats. He still holds good contacts with the yachting world and the village and can add respected and valued guidance to the committee.

Dougie, (who is going to eat all the cheese and biscuits that the Tayvallich inn has gifted later) contributes massively as a really productive and rational member. His personal knowledge and professional database information of the mooring layouts, boats, tag numbers and owners makes all the work of the Committee much easier to achieve and implement. Chairman’s note to members, get in at the biscuits quickly

Kathryn, doesn’t only provide even more prettiness than even Ruaridh to the committee, she also brings organisation, experience and efficiency but crucially committee and AGM protocol understanding. Without this we would be sitting here looking less organised than the dinghies at the pontoon.

As chair I would like to thank you all from myself and on behalf of the members for the significant effort that has been put in this year. Thanks should also go to Mike Bramall, Chris Plummer, Frazer Jackson, Paul Chadderton Emma Wilson and anyone else who all helped with the various projects and maintenance along the way.

We feel we are still working well as a unit and all travelling on the same side of the road so to speak. Once we have battled the obstacle course of establishing a date, meetings are productive and almost enjoyable. Once you’ve done this for a bit you can appreciate fully the achievements of previous committees. What proves to be one of the hardest things is simply getting all the committee members involved together for a meeting. More committee members would not be productive unless they bring a particular skill that we don’t already have covered. 

The Committee would however welcome any members who want to help to improve the facilities and general running of the bay in a practical way.  There are a number of projects coming up that will welcome additional help.

One of the positives from last year’s meeting was how well received it was having it in September was.  I can quote from last year’s minutes “The members confirmed that it was beneficial for it to take place in September.  The Committee will take on board these suggestions.” It is now half way through October. So to partially quote the current Prime Minister I fully accept that we are in breach of this statement and as chairman I categorically, unreservedly and unequivocally apologise to the members for holding this meeting so late.  We will try to hold the AGM in September in 2020. 

We have had a really poor return of declarations this year. A total of 18, noticeably made up of ex and current committee members. As well as leaving the Bay Association in breach of contract to the Crown it throws a question mark over whether the member is insured or not. It also shows a disrespect and a disregard for the committee members` time who in implementing this has to follow up each individual case sometimes several times. Please bear this in mind when the request comes in. We don`t send a lot of emails so when we do it is usually something you have to do. So being a positive minded committee, rather than tell you off, by way of encouragement we are going to up the prize draw from a bottle of whisky to a year’s mooring fee credit. 

As I outlined last year we are open and keen to hear members` suggestions on how to improve the facilities. Again pointing out to us that the dinghies can be a shambles or there is a small boat taking up a bigger boats place on the pontoon is definitely not as helpful as re organising or moving discarded dinghies ashore or moving a boat that is inconsiderately parked.  If you come to one of us that is all we are going to do. So members should be encouraged to, and feel free to be proactive rather than reactive.

We feel the mooring fee increase has been accepted well and in the coming months and years with the plans we have for the pontoon and surroundings all members should enjoy the benefits. Establishing the direct debit go cardless system of paying with all members really was quite straight forward. The hardest part definitely being motivating the less dependable and attentive members to actually read the email and not only sign up but also to cancel the previous standing order. So in future I would insist that members actually read the emails and do what we are asking you to do straight away, otherwise it is our (and when I say “our” I obviously mean Danny’s) time we have to put in to correct the mistakes. I will repeat we don`t send out much so if we do it usually requires your attention.  Having said that most members cancelled their standing order and joined the go cardless method with little delay. Thank You.

The pontoon and moorings have been busier than it ever and with a lot of good feedback from visitors. Kathryn will tell you about her figure during the Treasurers’ report. I think there are two main points to focus on. There is also a potential funding application from transport Scotland for upgrading the pontoon which Kathryn has been dealing with.  Dougie will cover the maintenance including the Carrick Pier upgrade. This year there has been a lot of new allocations and hand ins and Donald will use the time we have left covering the mooring numbers and discussing Scotnish.

We are in the process of updating our facility information in the Welcome Anchorages Magazine that is handed out as a flyer in most of the bigger marinas.


   5. Secretaries report


The TBA continues to manage 121 moorings.  This includes 3 visitor moorings and 3 allocated to the sailing club. 


Our move from standing orders to direct debits this year has allowed us to review the membership and ensure that all moorings are in use.  We will start contacting members who have not been using mooring for over 2 years with view to reallocating them in 2020.    

The increase in the fees did prompt some members who were not using their moorings to hand them back.


It was a significant piece to work to make the change from Standing Orders to Direct Debits.  This is complete with only one member still to set up their Direct Debit.  Our thanks to all members for helping us manage this change.   We did receive some payments via standing orders which were not cancelled in time, but only 13.  That money has been returned this year and we will send out a reminder to cancel them for next year.     


The uptake of completing annual declarations has not been as good as previous years, however our focus has been on administering the move to Direct Debits. 

We have ensured that we have declarations from all new members and will send out a request at the beginning of the year for all members to complete this via the website.  Just a reminder that it is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance us up to date and that your mooring is serviced on an annual basis.


We have made 11 allocations from the waiting list this year.  We have also received a high number of new applications.


Currently have 23 on our waiting list, and 3 moorings to allocate.  All applicants have been contacted in the last few weeks to ensure that we have up to date information (some people have been on the waiting list for up to 5 years and circumstance have changed).  Once all that information is collated we can make the next round of allocations.    


      6. Mooring fees


During last years AGM the members voted to increase the annual mooring fee to £120.  It was agreed that we review the fee annually.  Due to the increased expenditure in 2019 in repairing the Carrick Pier the Committee propose that the fees remain at £120 for 2020. 


The vote to retain the current fee level of £120 was unanimous.   


   7. Increasing mooring numbers


We currently manage 121 mooring but have the potential to have up to 150 moorings.    

The Committee have discussed several options which could help to reduce the waiting list by increasing the number of mooring holders and or facilities for the village.  Option could include

  • Add new mooring for small boats in the bay.

  • Lay an additional visitor mooring.

  • Lay moorings in Scotnish.

  • Suggest running lines to owners of small boat on the waiting list.


These options were discussed at the meeting. 

It was agreed that an additional visitor mooring should be laid, ensuring that anchorage is kept clear. 

There was no objection made to new moorings for small boats being laid in the bay, ensuring there is no impact on current mooring holders.

There were concerns about the use of additional running lines, especially in tidal areas.


The option of laying mooring in Scotnish was discussed at length.  The Committee proposed that if this were to be agreed that moorings should be limited to applicants who owned a property or resided on Scotnish (this would need to be clearly described).  There are currently 3 applicants on the list who live on Scotnish, with boats that potentially could be suitable for mooring here.  There was significant discussion regarding this proposal with the main concerns being

  • It is an area of significant natural beauty

  • There is a need to protect fawn and fauna in the Knapdale area

  • Scottish Natural Heritage would need to be consulted.

  • There is no parking available on Scotnish.

  • Moorings may impede access to water skiing and sports in this area.


Some members made it clear at the AGM that they would oppose any proposal to lay moorings in Scotnish.  However it was clear during the discussion that there was insufficient information for most members to make an informed decision.  Therefore the committee asked for a vote on the following:


A NO vote would indicate that they opposed and therefore the decision would be made to not progress any further discussion.  Therefore the TBA would not allow any moorings to be laid on Scotnish


A YES vote would indicated that the member would like the Committee to progress work in researching whether it would be possible to lay moorings, and to put forward a fuller proposal for a members vote.  This should include clear conditions and a procedure and protocol for an applicant meeting these conditions. 


The vote was 4 NO and 12 YES.  Therefore it was agreed that the Committee would carry out the research required to put forward a full proposal for a membership vote.  This would likely be at the AGM 2020. 


Post meeting note:  Since the meeting the 3 residents on Scotnish who were on the waiting list have been allocated moorings in the bay. The Committee will progress work around a proposal for next year’s AGM as we we also consider that this is a process that would allow us to protect Scotnish from the introduction of moorings in the future (similar to the proposal and vote taken at the 2017 AGM regarding the laying of moorings in the outer bay.) 


Existing moorings that had been laid in Scotnish prior to this area being subsumed into the TBA management will be transferred to the TBA in 2020.


   8. Treasurers’ report (Kathryn)


Members were provided with a set of off accounts covering 2014 – 2019 and provided with an overview of key income and expenditure.  The main expenditure has been on the improvements made to the Carrick Pier.  This cost has been significantly minimised by the voluntary time put in by Dougie and Hans.  The Committees thanks for this was noted. 


There has been a general increase in payments made for the use of the slip and moorings.  The Jura Passenger Ferry has agreed to make a monthly payment by Direct Debit throughout the year.  A member voiced concerns that the agreed payment was low in comparison to the amount for business/traffic the Ferry generates.  This is the first time that a regular contribution has been agreed and therefore the Committee are happy with the arrangement.  The Committee agreed to consider a way to monitor the usage over the next season. The Hebridean Princess’ landing charge has been increased to £100 per landing from £70.  The Majestic Line have been contacted but so far no contribution has been made.  This will be followed up in the Spring.  A member suggested that the Committee contact the Crinan Puffer by letter to request a donation.   



   9. Maintenance update


Carrick pier

This work is now almost complete.  It has involved a significant about of work, over 5 weeks on total.  Donations have been made by the fishing boats and also by the Clyde Fishermen (£1000).  The work and materials has cost the TBA £12,000.  A local contractor estimated that they would have charged around £80 k to undertake this upgrade. 


The Committees thanks go to all those who contributed financially and who contributed to carrying out the work.  A new sign will be installed to thank those have contributed.  Next year the fishing boats will be asked to resume their payment of annual fees for the use of the Pier. 


Water management

Water check for the pontoon supply are fully up to date.   Danny has fitted a new water meter.   There has been some storm damage to the water feed but we have volunteers to assist in repairing this. 


Marker for rock in Scotnish

It was agreed that the large yellow buoy currently in place will remain as the marker for this. 


Replacement of mooring chains

This will be required in 2020 and is estimated to cost approx. £6500+VAT.  This cost of this has been included in funding applications (covered in next agenda item) however if this is not successful this work is required and will be funded by the TBA.   


The connecting bolts for the outside legs of the pontoon have been replaced. 


   10. Funding application and Jura Development trust.(Kathryn)


Kathryn, Hans and Iain Gibson from the Village Hall Committee met with the Jura Development Trust and Nicol (Jura Ferry Service) earlier this year.  TBA’s main focus was to discuss the impact of the Ferry service on our pontoon and to find out what impact this has on Jura. 


The very basic history is that both communities received support to improve the pontoon facilities when the ferry service was set up.  There was not provision made for ongoing maintenance or upgrades.


Jura do receive a small contribution from Transport Scotland however this does not cover their ongoing maintenance costs and as they have very few moorings their position is actually worse than ours.


It was a very positive meeting is terms of us agreeing that we should work together to try to secure funding to ensure that both communities have sustainable facilities for the future. 


We have identified what is required in Tayvallich to meet this outcome.  That is based on what essential maintenance we know is required over the next year or two and then additionally what is needed to further improve the facilities making them safe and accessible.  This includes: 


  • Replace all the chain that secures the pontoon in place

  • Replace the pontoon arms with – slightly wider and longer

  • Replace the entire pontoon surface with mini mesh.

  • Install on shore dingy storage.


During the meeting we identified a fund that we were eligible to apply for – Rural Development Fund.  Unfortunately the deadline for the application which was fairly complex was very tight. 


We applied for around £80k, and as with most of these funding opportunities we were required to put up some match funding – we offered up £20k which is what we need to spend on essential maintenance over the next few years anyway, and 4k in project management time. 


Transport Scotland offered 9k toward the total costs.


We did manage to make a submission but unfortunately were not successful.  We received positive feedback and guidance for making a submission next year it that fund becomes available.   


In the mean time when Transport Scotland asked us to submit the full funding request to them.  After updating some information this was completed around end August.  They have now come back asking for some further information that we are about to start completing. 


The full funding bid is now for just over £100k.  Again with the TBA providing £20k to cover the essential maintenance. 


If successful we will start to plan out the project.  If not we will continue to look for other potential funding opportunities, and will start to plan for the essential maintenance needs.


A member suggested that the Crown Estate were contacted regarding funding opportunities.    


Election of Committee


All members stood for re-election.  John McArthus proposed that all members should be relected.  John McInnes seconded.    

   11. AOB


Add a notice on the pontoon to advise on speed limit in the bay.

  • It was agreed that the speed signs on the entrance to the bay is sufficient and we want to keep signage to a minimum on the pontoon to ensure that it is clear.


Parking revenue from Jura, should they share it with the TBA.

  • Although the Village Hall Committee appreciate the TBA’s support in managing parking they are not able to afford to share the proceeds from this.


Put extra cleats on the dingy pontoon.

  • There was concern about trip hazards.The Committee advised that lines should be tied through the cleats rather than figure of eight


Shutter the underside of the pontoon bridge to avoid dingys being stuck

  • The TBA have the materials and will complete this in 2020.We have the geenheart wood left from the carrick pier that coudl make a nice fender along the length of the slipway


Remove slip way fees for TBA members.

  • This was agreed.


Have a Pontoon Fee collection box in the Inn and Café/Shop

  • The Inn agreed and the Committee will ask the Café/Shop.


Consider dingy racks similar to those at Ardfern

  • Dingy racks are included in funding applications.The Committee will visit Ardfern to look.


Names on tenders

  • Again all mooring holders should ensure that their boat name is on their Tender so that the Committee can identify them.


Fit a ladder on the pontoon.

  • It was agreed that this should be fitted.This will be a pull down ladder on the side of the dingy finger.



End of meeting

Cheese and wine were provided by the Tayvallich Inn